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CalCERTS, Inc. HERS Rater

CalCERTS, Inc. is a private organization that is state approved as a HERS provider. CalCERTS, Inc. provides service, support, training and certification to HERS raters. HERS raters are contractors who are either independently operated or who sub-contract to larger energy rating firms. Raters charge their customers for site ratings and pay a fee to CalCERTS, Inc. for processing the ratings and issuing certification. CalCERTS, Inc. has developed it’s own software which is utilized by the HERS rater to enter rating data. CalCERTS, Inc. maintains the computer based registry of data as a repository of information that can be accessed by the HERS rater, Title 24 Consultants, the builder, the contractor, the building department, utilities and government agencies.

CalCERTS, Inc. is the Primary Advocate for its Certified HERS Raters

Energy efficiency building regulations for new construction and alterations of existing buildings are primary agenda items for the California Energy Commission and the various utilities throughout California. CalCERTS, Inc. staff members are active participants in the ongoing discussions, recommendations and decisions that establish Title 24 Standards and HERS Protocols. These processes are undertaken in order to establish, upgrade and secure guidelines and restrictions to ensure the safety and energy efficiency of building construction in California. What that means to a Certified CalCERTS, Inc. HERS Rater is access to direct advocacy on behalf of the HERS industry in California, helping to secure growth of a stronger, healthier and economically sound HERS industry.

CalCERTS, Inc. Membership Benefits

  • Continued authorization as a CalCERTS, Inc. Certified HERS Rater
  • 24/7 access to CalCERTS, Inc. website in order to process certifications, and to access forms and information
  • Technical support concerning equipment and procedures
  • Professional customer service representatives to assist you
  • Representation and advocacy at The California Energy Commission
  • View and Pay Registry generated invoices online
  • Free Newsletter from CalCERTS, Inc.
  • Post your company listing on our Rater Directory including contact info, email, your web address AND county-by-county listing of your service area!!!
  • Access to low-priced General Liability and/or Errors and Omissions Insurance

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