What is your Home Energy Rating?

California is a national leader in promoting energy efficiency. As a result, our energy use per person has remained stable for over 30 years while the national average has steadily increased. Despite this success, we must continue to reduce energy use in our homes. The benefits are highly valuable — reducing energy use not only lowers your energy bills, but helps our electricity system remain reliable, even during high peak-load periods, while also protecting our environment.

In 2006, California established aggressive goals to reduce greenhouse gases that cause global warming. These goals will cut today’s carbon emissions by 25 percent, so we can return to 1990 levels by the year 2020. Efforts to accomplish this goal represent important first steps in addressing the threat of global warming. We owe our children and grandchildren nothing less.

As you consider the sale or purchase of your home, this booklet asks that you recognize what energy efficiency measures have been built into the home, or ways to make further improvements to save energy and reduce peak electricity demand.

Your energy efficiency actions help make California a better, more environmentally sustainable place to raise your families.

What is Your Home Energy Rating?

The California Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Program provides a reliable way to estimate and compare the energy efficiency of California homes and identify cost effective energy saving improvements. Whether you are buying or selling a home, or staying in your current residence, getting a home energy rating or audit will help you determine which upgrades will be most cost effective, yield the highest energy savings, increase the comfort of your home, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As buyers become more aware of the benefits of an energy-efficient home, those with a favorable home energy rating may be more appealing to buyers.

In California, new homes must be built to comply with the latest Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Standards). A majority of homes, however, were built before the first Standards were adopted in 1978, and have limited energy efficiency measures. Additionally, homes built after 1978 continue to have significant opportunities for energy efficiency improvements.


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