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We are constantly striving to improve our ability to help our customers. We have created new ways of contacting us so that your concern can be addressed in a more timely manner. Please select the option below that suits your needs.

Technical Website Problems: If you are having technical website problems.
Registration Problems: If you are having trouble registering with us.
Field Questions/Problems: If you have questions or problems with Field Testing or Verification.
Feedback: If you have some Feedback regarding the website.
Billing: If you have questions regarding your Invoices.
Information: If you need information about our our company.

 CalCERTS, Inc. has new phone extensions:

Main Line                                916-985-3400

Tech Support  Hit the ” * ” key on your phone

Field Support Hit the ” # ” key on your phone

Hugo Schmidt – Ext. 2004

Jeff Apodaca – Ext. 2005

Shelby Gatlin – Ext. 2006

Roy Mittleider – Ext. 2007

Roy Eads – Ext. 2008

Mark Wiese – QA – Ext. 2009

Tamara Bailey – Finance – Ext. 2010

Katie Bachand – CFO – Ext. 2011

Casandra Dentley – Quality Assurance – Ext. 2012

Kristina Lewallen – Training – Ext. 2013

Charlie Bachand – CEO – Ext. 2019

Technical Support

Registry Technical Support
Mon-Fri: 7am-5pm
916-985-3400 ext. ” * ”

Field Tech Support
Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm
916-985-3400 ext. ” # ”


31 Natoma St Suite 120
Folsom, CA 95630
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Office: 916-985-3400
Toll Free: 877-437-7787
Fax: 916-985-3402