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CalCERTS is happy to offer a RESNET Threshold HERS Score for the first time in California.


Working closely with RESNET we have created an opportunity for California homebuilders to have their homes HERS Index rated and market their HERS Index scores in the state.

How it works:

Title 24 and the CA RESNET Threshold HERS Index Score processes are run separately on each project. Similar to an above code program like CAHP, you will have two unique CF1R’s for the project. One will include all requirements for CA Title 24 and will be done just as it is today. The second will be for the CA RESNET Program.

When a homebuilder wants to have a RESNET HERS Index Score generated and verified for a property they will follow these simple steps.

  1. The Energy Consultant will run a model for Title 24 and follow the upload process as it is today.
  2. The Energy Consultant will then upload that completed model through the CA RESNET software version of CBECC-Res 2019.1.3 - SVN rev 1958
  3. The Energy Consultant will add all the required RESNET Inputs, RUN the file and upload that file to the CalCERTS Registry.
  4. An approved CA Whole House Rater will verify the components on the CF1R and the CA RESNET Checklist through the registry
  5. The generated HERS Index Score is verified

Training Requirements:

This RESNET program is closely related to the work that a HERS II -WHOLE HOUSE Rater does in the field. Whole House Raters utilize their understanding of building science for new buildings, solar and the use of energy modeling software to build a model of the home and complete an energy audit of the property. Those who wish to participate in this CA RESNET Program will need to be a HERS II - Whole House Rater and complete additional trainings to help understand similarities and differences between a Whole House Rating and CA RESNET Threshold score. You will also be walked through the process of applying for a CA RESNET HERS Index score and verifying the score in the field.

All Prerequisites must be met prior to signing up for Whole House Rater.

Alterations/New Construction (

Steps for a CalCERTS HERS Rater to participate in the CA RESNET Program:

  1. Complete the CA HERS II – Whole House Rater Training
  2. Complete the CA RESNET Rater Training
  3. Complete the CA RESNET Energy Consultant Training
  4. Complete field verification checklist
  5. Report results in the registry

Steps for an Energy Consultant to participate in the CA RESNET Program:

  1. Complete the CA RESNET Energy Consultant Training
  2. Download the RESNET CBECC-Res software
  3. Complete the RESNET data analysis inputs into CBECC-Res to generate a score
  4. Upload the RESNET File to the registry (separate from the Title 24 *.xml)

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