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About Us
Home Energy Rating System Provider
A Home Energy Rating System (HERS) is a process of administering diagnostic analysis to determine and produce data that provides a method of evaluation for a California State approved home energy efficiency ratings. This establishes a benchmark of a home's energy use and identifies necessary and/or best possible upgrades for homeowners.

In 2003 CalCERTS, Inc. was approved by the California Energy Commission to become a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Provider. The company's mission is to fill the growing need in the Energy Efficiency industry for a technically superior, yet customer-oriented HERS Provider. CalCERTS, Inc. is a private organization that provides service, support, training and certification to HERS raters.

HERS raters are independent contractors who are either independently operated or who sub-contract to larger energy rating firms. Raters charge their customers for site ratings and pay a fee to CalCERTS, Inc. for processing the ratings and issuing certification.

CalCERTS, Inc. has developed and owns its own software which is approved by the California Energy Commission and is utilized by the HERS rater to enter rating data. CalCERTS, Inc. maintains the computer based registry of data as a repository of information that can be accessed by the HERS rater, building departments, contractors and government agencies.

The Staff

Michael E. Bachand

Hugo J. Schmidt

Director of Information Technology

Toni Turnbull
Director of Marketing & Business Development

Charlie Bachand
VP of Quality Assurance & Technical Services

Barbara Hernesman
Director of Workforce Development and Business Relations

Katie Bachand
Director of Human Resources

Tamara Bailey
Director of Finance

Cindy Hamilton
Director of Training

Carolyn Chambers
Executive Assistant to President

Crystal Manning
Technical Support

Neal Locket
Technical Support

Jeff Apodaca

Michel Fourcroy
Senior Technical Associate

Marc Wiese

QA Supervisor

Tim O'Neil
QA Field Reviewer

Hope Colitz
Technical Associate

Roy Mittleider
Technical Associate

Todd Kler

QA Field Reviewer

Kristina Lewallen
Office Assistant


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